Classificazione degli eventi sismici emiliani 2012 e del loro pattern di innesco - Classification of the Emilia 2012 earthquakes and their triggering pattern

Sulla base dello studio di Riga & Balocchi (2016), è possibile classificare l'evento di Mw 5.8 del 20 maggio 2012 come Progressive earthquakes dove il pattern di innesco è definito come Expansion triangle (fig. 1). 

Based on the study of Riga & Balocchi (2016), it is possible to classify the Mw 5.8 earthquake of 20 May 2012 as the Progressive earthquakes where the trigger pattern is defined as Expansion triangle (fig. 1).

Figura 1 - Classificazione del terremoto dell'Emilia 2012 di Mw 5.8. F: Foreschoks
Figure 1 -  Classification of the Emilia 2012 earthquake of Mw 5.8. F: Foreschohs.

L'evento di Mw 5.6 del 29 maggio 2012 come Flash earthquake con pattern di innesco horizontal rectangle (fig. 2).

The Mw 5.6 earthquake of 29 May 2012 as Flash earthquake where the trigger pattern is as horizontal rectangle (fig. 2).

Figura 2 - Classificazione del terremoto dell'Emilia 2012 di Mw 5.6.
Figure 2 - Classification of the Emilia 2012 earthquake of M 5.6.

Riga G. & Balocchi. P. (2016) - Seismic Sequence Structure and Earthquakes Triggering Patterns. Open Journal of Earthquake Research, 5, 20-34. doi: 10.4236/ojer.2016.51003.


  1. Seismologists care about people's lives?
    Why seismologists do not wish to advance the method which is now ready for accurate earthquake prediction?
    There is a method. This method is tested .
    But you still hide the fact that even today we can save lives.

    1. In this article we expose a method to classify the Earthquake sequence and the triggering pattern of future strong earthquakes. In the next article we expose the first algorithms.

  2. It would be an help to graph some stuff like "bollinger bands" or similars.
    Energy or specific energy (E per event) vs n. events as well.


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