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Visualizzazione dei post da Luglio, 2017

Aftershocks Identification and Classification

Usually, earthquakes develop after a strong main event. In literature they are defined as aftershocks and play a crucial role in the seismic sequence development: as a result, they should not be neglected. In this paper we analyzed several aftershock sequences triggered after a major earthquake, with the aimed at identifying, classifying and predicting the most energetic aftershocks. We developed some simple graphic and numeric methods that allowed us to analyze the development of the most energetic aftershock sequences and estimate their magnitude value. In particular, using a hierarchisation process related to the aftershocks sequence, we identified primary aftershocks of various orders triggered by the mainshock and secondary aftershocks of various orders triggered by the previous shock. Besides, by a graphic method, it was possible to estimate their magnitude. Through the study of the delay time and distance between the most energetic aftershocks and the mainshock, we found that t…