Information and Predictive Oscillators of Energy Earthquakes

Through the analysis of different seismic sequence, it is possible to observe that, before a strong earthquake, the values of longitude and latitude of the shocks begin to fluctuate in an abnormal way. The amplitude increases beyond the normal level just before the earthquake occurs, forming an easily identifiable pattern. The purpose of this study is to analyze the anomalous fluctuations of values the longitude and/or latitude during seismic activity and to carry out some simple procedures, reliable enough for the search of attention signals that precede a strong earthquake and in some cases its epicenter. The retrospective analyses carried out on many sequences of earthquake data occurred in different tectonic environments, have shown how all earthquakes were preceded by abnormal fluctuations in the values of longitude and/or latitude. This study describes the graphic and calculation procedures with the aim of obtaining information on the occurrence of the large earthquakes studied. In particular, we have noticed that the earthquake occurs after extreme levels of fluctuation are reached in the series of values analyzed. Through this model, it is possible to recognize elements discriminated during the evolution of the seismic sequence and using them as possible precursors of short-term, strong earthquakes.

In: Riga, G. and Balocchi, P. (2019) Information and Predictive Oscillators of Energy Earthquakes. Open Journal of Earthquake Research, 8, 201-222.


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