Research activity
My research interest are in structural geology, tectonic and seismotectonic, exentialy I study the northern Apennines. The seismic analysis in relation of regional tectonic setting for to determine its current seismotectonic model. I study the main seismic sequences and their earthquake precursors, and the space-time seismicity evolution. The study of seismogenic source of the strong earthquakes and their Coulomb Stress change along adjacent faults for to define a probable seismic spatial evolution and “domino effect” of the probable faults activation.

Research areas
  • Structural geology and tectonics;
  • Regional geology;
  • Seismotectonic;
  • Seismogenic faults;
  • Triggered and transfer Coulomb stress change;
  • Seismic analysis of structures;
  • Seismology and earthquake sequences analysis;

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