Education and experience

1978 – Born in Modena, Italy.

2003 – Degree of Geology at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. 
Thesis in structural geology with title: Analisi mesostrutturale e macrostrutturale delle strutture fragili presenti nelle unità del gruppo di Bismantova affioranti tra Zocca e Castel d'Aiano (Appennino modenese e bolognese);

2004 – Marine geology and oceanographic survey;  Multibeam, sub-bottom profile and minigun geophysical method of acquisition; Data processing and return with tematic maps.

2006 – Engineering geologist and CPT, geotechnical, geology report. 

2010 – I begin my journey as a "free and independent researcher" and I have not affiliation. I've created the “GeoResearch Center Italy – GeoBlog” with the aim to promote the free and independent research (web page: My studies concern the morphological-structural geology.

2011-2012 – associate at the Italian Geological Society and Society of Naturalists and Mathematicians of Modena. My studies concern the structural geology and tectonics of the Northern Apennines. I focus more on the regional geology of Epiligure succession. I start the seismotectonic studies with the main objective of defining a model of actual tectonics of the Northern Apennines.

2015 – The study of the seismic sequences to define an evolutionary model of seismicity into an area by analyzing.

2016-2017 – Seismotectonic, seismogenic source and Coulomb Stress change  in the northern Apennines. 


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